Final Weekend

On Saturday, I got a bunch of my stuff together to get packed. I also had dinner at my Grandmother’s house with my Mother and 2 of my Aunts, Sarah and Mary. We had eggs, brats, and onions with toast and chocolate cake for desert. After dinner, we took pictures.

On Sunday, I played the organ before taking a few pictures with my mother and father, something we haven’t done in years. I then went to Neenah for branch presidency meeting.

In Priesthood, we had a lesson from the Joseph Fielding Smith manual about the importance of Eternal Marriage. Our teacher was Nick Benyo. I know that I want to get sealed in the temple someday.

Our lesson in Sunday School, was about Elijah and Elisha in 1 Kings 19 through 2 Kings 6. We talked about the meaning of the word mantle, which was a physical article of clothing then, but is now symbolic of the keys of the priesthood.

In Sacrament meeting, I chose hymns about the savior and a goodbye type of hymn.

Opening 134 I Believe in Christ
Sacrament 185 Reverently and Meekly Now
Intermediate Special musical number provided my the Young Women of the Neenah Ward
Clothing 152 God Be With You Til We Meet Again

I bore my testimony at the request of Brother Greene, the first counselor in the Branch Presidency. I also gave the closing prayer.

It was high counselor Sunday. The assigned topics to them was the atonement. Their talks were beautiful. The atonement gives us ability.

After I got home from Church, my mother and I got some more things done for my mission prep and watched Music and the Spoken Word.

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