A not-so-busy week

The “highlights” of this week essentially were working 9 hours Wednesday and Thursday. I worked for 6 hours on Friday. I received my new pair of EarPods this week and a new SIM card for my old phone to use in SLC.

I received an I itinerary of my first day of my mission from Elder Broderick, who is in charge of the Global Service Center mission. I’ll be serving in the West Office Building, just west of the Conference Center and Temple Square. I’ll be serving in the Member Locator services division of the Church. I’m getting so nervous and excited for serving. Only 8 days until I receive my endowments, 9 days until I fly to SLC, and 10 days until I start!

On Friday, we had sports night at the Stake Center. We played chair soccer again and volleyball before we went our separate ways. Some went to see a movie and some went to Chili’s. I went straight home.

I also changed all my cover images for my websites, including this one, to a panoramic photograph of Temple Square.

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