No iPhone Repair

I woke up at 3am this morning and worked for 9 hours today.

After work, I went to Kelly Services, my employer to arrange for direct deposit. I also went to my Branch President’s house to feed his family’s rabbit. The rabbit is so cute!

I spent about half and hour on the phone today with AppleCare to check on the status of my iPhone repair. I found out through talking with an AppleCare specialist that the problem with the microphone issue stems from water damage. Water damage falls outside of iDevice warranty and costs money to repair. I figured that since I would only have my phone for several more weeks until I go on my mission, it would not make sense to pay almost $300 for repairs. The phone will now be shipped back to me as is.

I started the process of installing OS X as well today. I will have the computer shipped by Saturday. It’s such a sad day to see all my hard work of a computer go out the door. At least I will make about $450 from it though.

I was thinking about watching the fireworks today, but since I have nobody to watch them with, I opted out of doing so and decided to go to bed. Fireworks simply are not the same as they were when I was a child.

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