Just Begin

Today I got back into my work routine by waking up at 3:30 in the morning. For being a Monday, I’m surprised I wasn’t tired at all.

I worked today for 9 hours, working on the tupperware line. 5 more weeks of this and then it’s my mission. Yes, I’m counting down the days.

I payed for my hospital bill today. I got the bill last week, but I was able to get a 12% discount for getting it paid off in full early. Now, I need to save up for my wisdom teeth being pulled.

My iPhone is still somewhere in a delivery truck or something, it hasn’t arrived yet. I’m guessing it’ll be here tomorrow. I’ve been starting to get used to not having it, but at the same time, I wish I had it though. I’ll blog some reasons why I kind of enjoy not having my iPhone on Wednesday.

Today, FHE was at my place. We began at 7. I prepared a lesson based on a Spoken Word Message given by Lloyd Newell, “Just Begin!” It starts off with a story about a couple who over the course of many years who created a pile of branches that had fell on their heavily wooded land. They determined it would be best to move it to the street to be picked up, and found that moving it as one big pile would simply not work. They realized that the only way to move the pile would be to move it one branch at a time. How do you move a pile so big one branch at a time? Just begin! When we feel overwhelmed, the Lord will bless our efforts, but first we must begin!

Our activity tonight was swimming. That’s why I really love having FHE here, all I have to do is make some refreshments and plan a lesson and the rest just falls in to place naturally.

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