It’s Done! Hallelujah!

The Klements Racing Sausages. I was number 5, the guy with the sombrero.

I was pumped to wake up today at 5am, because I knew today would be my last day of working at Walmart. Between all the stress of remodel and all the temptations of food working there, I needed to leave.

At work, we had our grand opening ceremony which was about 20 minutes long. After that, I had cake and worked in the toys department until lunch. After lunch, I was invited to wear one of the Klements Racing Sausages costumes, a big hit at the Milwaukee Brewers games. The kids were so excited by our presence in costume. While it was all fun and games in costume, it was great it was done because it was so warm inside. There were also a few other mascots present, including the Bimbo bear, Chester the Cheetah, and a giant Oreo. After all that, I went back to work for a few more hours in the toys department stocking shelves.

After work, we had another brach sports night. First, we cleaned the church but then we played volley ball until 8:30 or so and went back to cleaning.

Tomorrow is a temple trip/family history trip.

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