Hurrah for the flag of the free!

After not getting to bed until midnight, I slept in until 7am. I knew today was going to be uneventful, so I found some things to do to make it eventful.

One of the first things I did today was to finish my transcription of Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever March. I started working on it in March (no pun intended) and finally finished it today. I’ll be reaching out to a publishing company this week about it being published as an online, download only, arrangement.

Next, was the parade. It comes right down my street, so it’s hard but not watch it. I was only able to see about half an hour of it, it was great! Before the parade, I was able to snatch up 4 little American flags. I’ll use them when I take a lady friend out on a date, but first I just need to ask her.

After the parade, my mom and I went shopping for some more mission clothes. We found some dress pants and ties. The ties and one pair of dress pants were from the thrift store and three more dress pants were from a clothing magazine. A package of dress shirts arrived in the mail today from the Church distribution center. Buying dress shirts through the distribution center is significantly cheaper than elsewhere.

I also got some wallet sized photos printed out at Walmart for my mission application, but I might redo that because I wasn’t that impressed.

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