Adventure Friday

I woke up today at 5am all excited to get my day started. Obviously it’s Friday.

Today at work I sorted through signs to see what we would keep and what we wouldn’t. I used my new super-stealth earpiece to communicate on the walkie-talkie. More on this earpiece in the next paragraph.

When work was done I took out my earpiece, but not all of it came out. The rubber cover at the end stayed in my ear! I tried getting it out, but I decided medical attention was a better idea.

After I got out of the E.R., I went to Walmart and got an air canister to blow out the dust in my computer I’m hoping to have sold.

I also went on a date tonight. I took her to Applebee’s and then we went mini golfing where we enjoyed the sunset and the fact that we can’t golf well.

After the wonderful adventure of today, I need to rest for stake conference tomorrow.

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