Sunny Mother’s Day

In Wisconsin, way too often Sundays are quite the contrary–it’s cloudy, raining, or snowy. What a blessing it is today to enjoy the sunshine outside, unfortunately I’ve been stuck inside the church for 7 hours, but the sun’s rays have filled the chapel and the foyers. However, as I type this, the clouds roll in bringing storms. This Sunday is also Mother’s day, a chance to reflect on our Mother’s loving influences.

In priesthood today, the lesson was out of the Joseph Fielding Smith Smith manual. We talked about the importance of having a testimony of the Book of Mormon, how all of the Three Witnesses left the church but never denied there testimony of the book. We also hit on the fact that there are never enough times we can read the Book of Mormon, we will still get more out of it. We also watched the video of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s video, posted below.

Later on in sunday school, we finished up Deuteronomy and started the book of Joshua. We covered Moses and how even though as a prophet, he too made mistakes and had blessings taken away from him. We also covered the famous verse in Joshua:

I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

Also during Sunday school, we covered Joshua Chapter 6, one of my favorite biblical stories, the destruction of the walls of Jericho. We also covered the world-renowned verse in chapter 24:

but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Lastly, in sacrament meeting, the theme was on Mother’s day. We had four speakers; 2 were brothers, both of them spoke about in different ways their Mother; the other 2, not related, spoke about their own Mothers and other women that inspired them. The hymns were based on love, family, and beauty.

Opening: 92 For the Beauty of the Earth
Sacrament: 177 ‘Tis So Sweet to Sing the Matchless Love
Intermediate: The branch president’s children sang “Love is Spoken Here” has he played the piano. Primary children any song is the cutest.
Closing: 266 The Time is Far Spent, I selected this because a majority of Mothers just want to have more time with their children.

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