Monday Funday

Willie: Excuse me, sir, could you tell me who gave you our name? Guy from the Alien Task Force: As I told Ms. Tanner, that’s strictly Ochmonek–anonymous.

Following a spiritual high and other wonderful events on Sunday, yesterday (at least for a Monday) was surprisingly great.

At work yesterday, we began by cleaning shelves and finished by putting up signage.

After work, I watched a couple of episodes of Storm Chasers, downloaded and trimmed down an episode of Alf to post on Instagram, and then went to FHE.

We had FHE at Steven Richard’s house, we had a lesson about Heaven and Salvation, reading verses from all of the Standard Works. Then we played the Smurfs game and a version of duck-duck-goose (the name escapes me). For refreshments, we had girl scout cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and double-decker oreos.

It was a great day. Tonight is Institute, yippee!!!

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